Friday, January 28, 2011

Assignment 3: Artist Influence

A photographer whose photography relates to my idea of stream of conscientiousness and dreaming is Alper ├žukur.  His work does not have any concrete meaning or message, but rather confuses you and shows impossible creations.  It takes you out of the world you live in and puts you into another one without boundaries.  His photography can be found on

ART REVIEW: Turkish photographer Alper Cukur possesses a brilliant feeling of composition and long exposure technique.

Assignment 2: Personal Connections

1/28:  I am thinking to focus on the idea of stream of consciousness and abstractness.  Not everything in the world needs to make sense.  Sometimes things don't need to have a complete definition or purpose.  Chaos and disorder are not only a situation but a feeling of confusion and creates the feeling of not understanding where you are going.  This is usually how dreams are.   Word of the day: phantasmagorical

1/29: I am not sure exactly how to simplify my idea of using dream related methods as the constant throughout my work.  But whats the focus of these images and creations? A painting that I believe makes you feel like you are in a dream is this one.  But what should the reoccurring theme be?  Sudden thought, perhaps the feeling of completeness or lack of?  Word Of The Day: Emotion

1/30: Word of the day: Unknown, mystery, unusual

1/31: Word of the day: impossible 

2/1:  I'm thinking the main idea is being more focused on beauty. However, the sort of beauty seen in some of these images is the same as the beauty in the images of other artists, but they still give you the sense that you are in a dream.  The main similarity amongst all these works is that they create a feeling of the unknown and infinite possibility.  In my video I'm thinking to focus more on the impossible and having an underlying meaning to a dream like state.
2/2: No electricity sucks, but it sure got me some more pictures.  the theme of these are nightmares.  Word of the Day: Fear

2/3: Word of the Day: Randomosity

2/4: Word of the Day: Symbolic Meaning.  These pics weren't taken by me, but the props (mirror and letters) and the setup was my idea so....yeah.  This is from last winter.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Assignment #1: Brainstorm the Big Idea

Big Idea: Dreams
Potential Topics: Daydreams, goal/life dreams, sleep dreams, mind wandering, nightmares, unrealistic stream of consciousness dreams.

Why do we have dreams?
Where does the material for dreams come from? life?
Do dreams represent subconscious, unrestrained thoughts?
Is dreaming better than real life?
Dreams (goals) are they really worth it?
Do dreams change once you achieve them?
Is the idea of a dream better than the actual achievement of the dream?

Dreams are about unrestricted thoughts and ideas.
Dreams have no limits and can be anything.
Dreams can distract from real life.
Dreams help you realize what is good to you.
Dreams connect you with your inner thoughts and feelings.
Dreams don't make sense.
Dreams can confuse.
Dreams show messages without use of normal structure.
Dreams show emotions.
Dreams create imagery and feeling that can not be created through regular everyday images.